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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Make It Worth It

February 22, 2012

The calculation above always makes me feel so much better about big purchases and also helps me decide not to buy something. Β If I can’t see myself wearing or using something multiple times then its going back on the rack.

Now these animal print pants are mad trendy and come next year I may never want to wear them so spending 25 bucks was a sweet purchase. I found them at Target!Β 

Do you like to splurge? What’s the most you’ve ever spent for a fashion item??

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  1. February 22, 2012 11:02 pm

    I agree with you. Making smart splurge decisions is key. I always divide the price by the number of wears… i also do that with how much it cost me to get my weave and how long i’ve had it in… Dont judge me lol

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  2. February 22, 2012 11:39 pm

    Totally agree, I tend to splurge but not if I know I won’t really wear the item! I have seen those jeans on a few blogs I read and now I want a pair!! May have to stop by Target this week, good thing I didn’t give up shopping for Lent ;-)


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