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Every day is Earth Day. ~Author Unknown

Be (B)eautiful: It feels great to know you are giving back to your community, your environment, your world. This organization is amazing. They are working to help prevent climate change by planting a billion trees and YOU can help! For $1 dollar, I repeat, $1, you can plant 1 tree in the Atlantic Forest, in Brazil. Forests support 1 billion people on Earth- their livelihoods, water supplies, energy and their cultures. I promise you wont miss that dollar too much.

Be (A)uthentic:Eco-friendly bags are all the rave now a days. You can use them when you go shopping, to carry your books, as an overnight bag, a lunch bag, whatever is clever. Now, a real BAD girl always wants to stand out and be original, so why not design your own eco-friendly bag?

Be (D)etermined:We all say we want to do something to help save the environment and prevent global warning, but do we actually ever do it? There are so many little things we can implement into our daily routines that can make a huge difference nationwide. For example, if you turn off the water while brushing your teeth everyday, you can save 1200 gallons of water a year. Its something so simple, yet many of us don’t do it. So try it, and eventually it will become a habitual activity for you.

Happy Earth Day BAD Girls!

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