B.A.D. Girl
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“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” -Albert Einstein

Be (B)eautiful: Being a BAD girl means you have major style, and people naturally admire your excellent taste. I am super obsessed with the Aqua collection at Bloomies! This outfit is beyond cute for a Fab brunch date with the girls or with your main squeeze.

Be (A)uthentic: A BAD girl is always ahead of the rest and aware of whats new and  hot. Its great to introduce people to a new little gem like an amazing cafe that serves delicious cupcakes or a cool new bar with a great crowd and even better drinks. So when planning, try and find new cool places instead of the same old spot you go to every Saturday night. Your friends will love you for it and you get Kudos for finding it!

Be (D)etermined: I have been dying for the day when I can purchase my first authentic Louis Vuitton bag, of course these bags cost a pretty penny. So I have been making an effort to save a portion of my pay check to my Louis fund. I am almost there and cant wait till it is finally in my possession!  Saving a little bit at a time for big purchases helps lessen the blow on your wallet.  A BAD girl shouldn’t have to turn down a night out with the gals because she blew her entire paycheck on a pair of Jimmy Choos! 😉


  1. Alyssa says

    You may very well be responsible for my very first trip to Bloomingdales. Keep it coming, Miss B. BAD! 🙂

  2. Alyssa! Bloomingdales is fashion heaven for us BAD girls. Enjoy your first trip! Thanks for the comment! xx ❤

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