B.A.D. Girl
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“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

Be (B)eautiful: Sending a text to let your friend know you are thinking about them can make a world of a difference. We all have busy lives and can sometimes neglect some of the people we care most about. It only takes a few seconds to send a quick text: ” I miss you and hope your weekend is a good one!” People genuinely appreciate the small things.

Be (A)uthentic: Its never a good idea to talk shit about a friend behind their back. Because I know if you will talk about someone behind their back to me, why wouldn’t you talk bad about me behind my back as well? Most people dont trust a shit talker. So keep your comments to yourself. There are different ways that you can express your feelings about someone without sounding like you are talking bad about them.

Be (D)etermined: Making up with someone can be difficult. Your pride can get the best of you. But as a BAD girl, you are always the bigger person. Therefore, show your friend/spouse/significant other/sibling that you value your relationship with them. Be the one to reach out first. Don’t sit  waiting for them to come around. Take initiative and pick up the phone, stop by their place, do what you have to do to resolve the issue.  This should definitely be done if its a mutual argument, where you both may be at fault.

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