B.A.D. Girl Must-Haves
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“Shopping is better than sex. If you’re not satisfied after shopping you can make an exchange for something you really like.”~Adrienne Gusoff

BAD Gal Buys!!!

I just made an exciting purchase at  www.mbeze.com! This company sells all natural skin care and cosmetics! I am a huge fan of  natural products, so this is definitely a BAD girl must have! The company sells Deodorretes, which are adorable little deodorants that can fit almost anywhere! I also love the idea of the multiple personalities collection. I was torn between aim to be pleased and once bitten’– I chose the latter! I also purchased their Dabber Dust natural underarm powder. Its something new for me, chemical free and NATURAL! I cant wait for my purchase to come in!

Once Bitten Deodorette and Dabber Dust by MBeze

P.S Its Mbeze.com 2 year Anniversary and they are giving 28% off of all purchases and FREE shipping through this Friday! So go ahead and treat yourself or pick out a gift for your MOM (Mothers Day is May 9th)!

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