BAD Romance
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“Truth is, everyone is going to Hurt you. You just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”~Bob Marley

Let it Be (B)eautiful: I love you. Three words, seven letters, one meaning. Its the phrase we all LOVE to hear from our partner.  If you are at that point where, “I love you” is being said, make sure you always say it. I know this may sound stupid and maybe even like a no-brainer-“Duh we say I love you”. Do you really? All the time? I honestly feel like people don’t say it enough. Couples who have been together/married for awhile may stop saying it to each other all together. It should be said everyday.  This helps keep the romance and that playful puppy love/butterflies in tummy/can’t stop thinking about you feeling in your relationship. So lets play a game of Simon Says, except my name isn’t Simon!

So Ms. B BAD says, Say I love you:

  • every time you hang up from a call with each other
  • wake up in the morning
  • before going to bed at night
  • during/after sex
  • before, after and/or during a date
  • before separating for the day
  • after your partner does something sweet, kind, or generous
  • after a compliment (i.e “Damn you look good in those shades, I love you”)
  • after making you laugh
  • Just Because
  • After reading my blog post!
  • any other time you feel the need to say it!
  • I could keep going on, but I hope you get the point!

Let it Be (A)uthentic: You should be 100% comfortable around your partner. Insecurities/flaws (I hate these words) are out the window. If you’re the girl who sleeps with make up to avoid being seen with out it -STOP IT! BAD girls are comfortable in their own skin. Start out slow,  try not wearing eyeliner or mascara around your partner.  You may like what you hear, (‘You look so beautiful today’).  Studies show that most  men actually prefer women who don’t wear make up at all  or very little (aint that some shit).  I used to somewhat feel this way b/c I CANNOT live without mascara (s/o to Christian Dior!), but I knew if I wanted to be with my guy for the long haul – I needed to cut the shit. Now? Ive gotten so lazy and so used to being told I am prettier without it that putting on make up has become an annoying chore. Wellll, maybe just at 7 in the morning when I would rather be in bed, dreaming about more sleep! Either way, I’m comfortable being in my natural skin around him, and I want my fellow BAD girls to feel the same way.

Let it Be (D)etermined to Last: A couple that laughs together, lasts together. Laughing with your partner is so important, even if it’s just reminiscing on crazy college memories, playful tickling,  renting a comedy flick, or my personal fave-letting him show you all the crazy videos he watches on forums/YouTube/funnyordie.  There is no better feeling than how it feels to be short of breath from laughing with your love.  Its one of the ultimate highs and joys of life, if you ask me!


  1. Alyssa says

    Love this line – “A couple that laughs together, lasts together.” Absolutely true. ❤

  2. I agree completely with this, I am grateful to be in love with and engaged to my best friend. The relationship works bc he thinks I’m beautiful anytime, whether I’m all fixed up to go out or I’m just waking up in the morning, we communicate our feelings towards one another by saying I love you all the time and we get along great. And I can only hope those ladies in my life that I love will someday realize (sooner rather than later) not to settle for just any guy, and find someone that loves you for who you are. You can’t be happy in a relationship until you’re happy with yourself and its sad that a lot of young girls don’t get that.

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