B.A.D. Girl
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“True hope dwells on the possible, even when life seems to be a plot written by someone who wants to see how much adversity we can overcome.”

Be (B)eautiful: Made a visit to Steve Madden last night and fell IN LOVE w/ a slipper (T-pain voice)! I think these little shoes are friggen ADORABLE! They have them in a variety of cute colors. Pay day come quick! Mama needs a new pair of shoes!

Steve Madden shoes Daydreem

Be (A)uthentic: Crying cleanses the soul. Some of us prefer to be hard as stones and refuse to crack. A BAD girl is a gem, a rare one, and you must always be bright and shining. So if something is bringing you down, hurting or upsetting you, let it out. Release that one good cry (talk/vent to someone too) and then make an effort to move forward. You won’t be able to shine with a cloud hanging over you. 🙂

Be (D)etermined: I finally got to check out the finalists competing to be the head blogger for Alicia Keys new website www.iamasuperwoman.com! A few of them truly inspired me, one in particular, Christina, REALLY did! I completely identified with her thought process and while reading her post-I thought, “Wow! This is exactly what I would have written.” I love the concept behind this website. It’s such a wonderful and beautiful idea to help empower women. Visit the site and vote for your favorite! Seeing opportunities like this reminds me of just how important it is to have (D)etermination in ALL that you do! Get INSPIRED!


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