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“Spring cleaning is a great motivator. Why confine it to Spring?”

Be (B)eautiful: I’m a bit late with this, but better late than never I always say! Spring cleaning? Have you done it yet? Regardless, of your answer I hope you always donate your old goodies (clothes, shoes, bags, etc). Throwing those things away would be insane! I found some great sites for donating your fab items. Is your old prom dress still hanging in your closet, or better yet- the dress you wore to your EX b/f’s prom?! Why not donate it? Help out a young girl who may not be able to afford going to prom. I love the name of this site www.cinderellaproject.net and also, www.operationfairydust.org.  Another really great organization to donate to is www.dressforsuccess.org – looking good/appropriate for job interviews/work is so important, but can be really costly. So donate some of your old slacks, button ups, blazers,etc. Make someone else feel just as (B)eautiful as you do everyday!

Be (A)uthentic: Did you know that when you are on the phone with someone they can hear you smiling? Try it! People can tell if you are smiling while you talk. Smiling is contagious and being friendly (esp at work) is always better than sounding like a grump (“I hate my job, please don’t friggen call anymore”). Your voice will sound so much more happier and it will affect the person on the other line as well. For example, someone may have been calling your job to complain and be nasty, but because you were smiling, it calmed them down.

Be (D)etermined: As I mentioned in a previous post, BAD girls are always busy! So it may be hard to squeeze in a workout sometimes. This is one of my personal FAVORITE workout DVD’s. It has five, 10 minute workouts to choose from, you can do just 1, 2, or all 5! Your choice. The BEST part is the 5  work outs are all different and help focus on different areas with different styles like pilates. No matter what stage you are at in your goal to a nice midsection this DVD will help- and challenge even the more experienced gals. I LOVE it and I HIGHLY recommend. Ten minutes over no minutes? You decide.

p.s ABS Ripper is my favorite section! Has me workin’ every time!

p.p.s I found it for you on e-bay for less than 10 bucks! (Click the pic) Thank me Later! 🙂

10 Minute Solutions: Blast off Belly Fat


  1. Joanne S. says

    I love your suggestions about donating old clothing. I have so much stuff I’m afraid to let go of because it reminds me of past memories. Those memories will always be there, why not clothe someone who needs it more??

    And smiles … you’re right. Even if you force a smile when you’re upset, at the very least, you start thinking about how weird you look smiling while you’re pissed and it helps take your mind off of whatever you’re mad about. I’m still perfecting this…. 🙂

    • Joanne,
      I am glad you found my suggestions helpful! I am the same way, I hold on to things for so long because of memories or the thought of possibly using it one day. But you are completely right- someone else will def need it more than I do.

      So true, about the smiling- when you force a smile it does make you think about how dumb you may look- hahaha- thanks for sharing! ❤

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