B.A.D. Girl
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“I am my own heroine.” ~Marie Bashkirtseff

Be (B)eautiful: Some of you may not even be thinking about wrinkles, BUT its important to take care of yourself while you’re young so your body can repay  you as you get older. Here is a tip: Get in the habit of not squinting your eyes, furrowing your brows, and AVOID allowing that ugly number 11 from appearing on your forehead. On days that I don’t  have shades and the sun is causing me to scrunch my face up- I place my hand on my forehead to shade my eyes and to smooth out my skin so that I don’t cause the number 11 (wrinkles on your forehead in  between your brows) to happen.


Comics by NatalieDee

Be (A)uthentic: As a BAD girl- you are pulled in so many directions. You have parties, events, dates, work, school,gym, etc. It is SO important to get in some ME time. Even if it’s just going to get a manicure by yourself. Shut off your phone and just relax. Enjoy your own thoughts, get a massage, take a walk or go shopping. Don’t invite anyone, just worry about you- take the day or at least a few hours to do something you enjoy doing alone. A real BAD girl looks forward to her alone time, because she LOVES herself and puts an effort into her mental health.  If you can’t be comfortable alone with yourself than why would anyone else be comfortable around you?

Here is a great song for your ipod: “Me Time“-Heather Headley

Be(D)etermined: Fun way to burn some calories- SEX! Yes, getting it on has other benefits besides an orgasm! I found this interesting site that shows how many calories can be burned during sex/foreplay. Did you know depending on how aroused the 2 of you are- the amount of calories varies?  Also the location, position, and type of bed used? Very interesting!

Happy Friday!

Happy Hour? Yes, Please!


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