B.A.D. Girl
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“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.”

Be (B)eautiful: Its Graduation season and the perfect opportunity to rock a cute ass dress like the one below and match it with some hawt nude wedges. BAM! You’re picture perfect and ready to steal the spotlight! Not that you ever really have to TRY to!

Love these two together

Be (A)uthentic: Instead of hosting a regular ladies night at your place, why not switch it up. Have a fashion swap party! I love this idea, its something unique and different to do with your girls. Have each guest bring a few items (gently used preferred) that they don’t mind giving up. Pick three categories: 1. Cheap, 2. Mid-priced, 3.Expensive and color code them (colored post it notes work best). Have every guest place her items in the respective categories. Place each of the categories into a hat, so that each girl can randomly draw one and select an item from the respective category.  Add in some wine, a few yummy snacks, great music and you have yourself a fab get together that everyone will enjoy.

Be (D)etermined: I am a firm believer in EVERYTHING in your life happening for a REASON. If the current guy you are dating turns out to be a jerk or he stops speaking to you for no apparent reason; don’t waste your time and energy dwelling on it. This was meant to happen, the universe is saving you from further/future heart ache. Your ‘prince charming‘ is out there , but it’s up to you to allow fate take its course. Will you settle or wait it out?

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