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“Most people have a harder time letting themselves love than finding someone to love them.” ~Bill Russell

Be (B)eautiful: Summer is around the corner and if you have some free time why not volunteer? Volunteering is not only a wonderful resume booster, but it is also a life booster. It feels so great to help out others. I promise you wont regret it even if you have to wake up early on a weekend. Check out this site for great volunteer opportunities in your area.

Be (A)uthentic:  Allow yourself to open up and be vulnerable (to an extent) when it comes to love. It is understandable that you have been hurt before, but you don’t want to push away someone who is genuinely trying to love you. Trust your heart- if it tells you to open up than don’t fight it. Your female intuition will allow you to realize if this guy is worth it or not.

Be (D)etermined: A good way to keep your self from over eating, pigging out on delicious junk food, or straying off from your fitness goals is to write down EVERYTHING you eat throughout the day. This really helps because if I am at a store and contemplating buying that bag of chips or cookies -knowing that I will have to write it down will keep me away.  By seeing what it is  that you are putting into your body it helps keep you on track. You start to second guess if it is worth it.You will have your list to look back on what you ate and mentally you will not be happy with yourself if you have to write down that you ordered a milkshake from McD’s with over 300 calories in it. Like Kim Kardashian says: ‘a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips’!

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