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“Boys are like purses-cute, full of crap and easily replaced.” ~Unknown

Be (B)eautiful: A classic summer/fashion essential is a hot clutch. Clutches dress up any outfit and are truly worn as an accessory much like a bracelet. These are a few of my favorites!

  • I love this clutch to dress up a simple outfit for a night out. You can never go wrong with a splash of pink!

Betsey Johnson We're Just Frilled Studded and Ruffled Leather Clutch

  • This clutch is  my personal fave! It screams I am a  BAD girl and you should be jealous!

Rebecca Minkoff Easy Rider Date Studded Leather Clutch

  • This Michael Kors clutch is too cute for words. I can see myself rockin’ this with a cute sun dress sippin’ on mimosa’s!

Michael Kors Santorini Straw Clutch

Be (A)uthentic: If something is bothering you- the worst thing you can do is bottle it up inside. If it is something that you feel wont be able to just go away on its own then find a healthy way to deal with it. Write it down, vent to a close friend, find a solution.  If it involves another person don’t attack them (verbally or physically), but take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and approach them like a WOMAN.

Be (D)etermined: The countdown to the first day of summer is ON! There are little things you can do to help eliminate your fat and calorie intake. I love love pizza! But I always make sure to blot off the excess oil. This helps save an average of 40 calories per slice and about 4.5 grams of fat (source).


  1. BadGurlNaz says

    I love my bags like crazy and I dont think most of them could be replaced easily..altho the cheap ones can go! LOL My fave bag is the MK studded up cross body.

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