BAD Romance
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“Falling in love is so hard on the knees.” ~Aerosmith

Let it be (B)eautiful: I think it is adorable when a couples body language shows that they are completely in to each other. Resting your head on his shoulder, holding hands, crossing your legs over his while sitting on the train,or  rubbing each others back. These are simple little touches that aren’t too much to annoy the unhappy public, but enough to let people know you are in love.

Let it be (A)uthentic:  Don’t go around snooping through his phone (that makes you look insecure). Don’t try to hack his facebook account. UNLESS of course you have probable cause to do so. TRUST that he is doing right by you and RESPECT his privacy. If you can’t do this then you probably shouldn’t be dating this guy.

Let it be (D)etermined to Last: Get to know your partners family. Go out to lunch with his mom, take his little sister to a movie, or simply just engage them in conversation. Learn from them and create memories. After all they will be apart of your new family.

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