B.A.D. Girl
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“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” ~Author Unknown

Be (B)eautiful: Do you know a young girl who could use some guidance? Perhaps a little sister, cousin, niece, -why not help her overcome an obstacle she may be facing. Whether it be she is too shy, she wants to get in shape, she has trouble talking to boys, wants to audition or try out for a team, she lacks confidence or esteem. Help her to feel good about herself the way you do.  Take her out for lunch and chat- get to know her and understand why she feels the way she does. Then share a similar story about yourself. This will allow her to connect with you and see that you really do understand.  You want to sound like her friend and not an older adult trying to change her.

Be (A)uthentic: We have all been guilty of feeling that we just aren’t good enough for something. As a BAD girl this should be a foreign concept for you now. If you want to achieve something, you aren’t afraid to fail in the process. You know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, because you are a strong, independent woman. Believe in YOU.

Be (D)etermined: When you are at an interview (job, scholarship, contest, etc.) make sure you  make eye contact with your interviewer. It may be uncomfortable, but you need to do this in order to exude confidence. Staring at the floor while answering “why you are best fit for the job over someone else” is not a good look. Even if you aren’t feeling super confident that day a BAD girl will not let someone see her sweat! So head up, shoulders back, and open up those pretty mascara covered lashes and make some eye contact!

BAD Girl Quick Tip: Stare at their forehead instead of directly in the eyes if its too uncomfortable for you or go back and forth b/n direct eye contact and their forehead.

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