B.A.D. Girl
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“On the beach, you can live in bliss.” ~Dennis Wilson

Be (B)eautiful: I am a HUGE FAN of Too Faced cosmetics. Everything I have ever bought and used from them has been amazing. The bronzer’s, eye shadows, mascara, primer, lip stick, EVERYTHING! If you shop at Sephora they always have amazing deals where you can purchase a make-up kit full of goodies at a ridiculously cheap price.  LOVE IT!!

Be (A)uthentic: I can’t stress how important it is to do things that YOU enjoy. Don’t be a pushover- that is NOT a BAD girl characteristic. Pleasing everyone seems like the easy option at the time, but what about YOU? When do you get to enjoy doing what you like to do? You should be calling the shots, Bad girl.

Be (D)etermined: Treat yourself to a Beach Day! BUT it has to be during the work week! If you work the regular Mon-Fri schedule – take off on a Friday or a Monday. This will allow you to have an extended weekend, PLUS you won’t have to worry about showing up to work the next day with a sexy tan when you told your boss you weren’t feeling so well. 😉

P.s The 4th of July weekend is a perfect time to treat yourself to a Beach day- aren’t you all of a sudden visiting family out of town this weekend?

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