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Vacation: a period of travel and relaxation when you take twice the clothes and half the money you need. ~Author Unknown

Be (B)eautiful:  One of my favorite pieces of clothing to wear on vacation (as well as anywhere for that matter) is an off the shoulder top.  I think these tops/dresses are SO sexy! It makes a casual outfit that much cuter and for some reason I just cant help but associate these tops with being on vacay on a beautiful island or somewhere tropical!

Be (A)uthentic: If you’re visiting a foreign country make it your business to eat at authentic restaurants that serve that country’s cuisine. Eating at a McDonalds, Subway or Chillis while your on vacay is so LAME. Enjoy the culture and try new things. Even if you’re visiting in the states try eating at places that are different and not found in your home town.  Going on vacation is also an opportunity to SHOP! It’s the perfect chance to buy original items you wouldn’t find in your home town. So explore the local shops (don’t waste your time in stores you frequent while home) and look for unique pieces. There is nothing cooler than saying I bought these earrings in Argentina, my sandals are handmade from Italy or I got this dress in Minnesota! You get my drift, right?

Be (D)etermined: There is something about hotels that makes hooking up in them that much more fun! If your on vacation with your guy take the opportunity you have being in a hotel to really let loose and have some fun ;-)! Another great way to have fun on vacay is to party with the locals. I HIGHLY recommend finding out where they go to chill because going where all the tourists go is again, LAME!

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