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“The shortest distance between two people is a smile.” ~Author Unknown

Be (B)eautiful: I am absolutely obsessed with ‘splash of grenadine‘ nail color by Essie. It has been my summer staple and its on my fingers right now as I type this!  The color is appropriate for the office yet fun enough for summer nights. I love love LOVE it!

Spalsh of Grenadine by Essie

Be (A)uthentic: When it comes to flirting a girls best weapon of choice is NOT her cleavage, but her smile. Your smile is an invitation for conversation. When you smile while speaking to others they cant help but to smile as well. Smiling also makes you look 100 times prettier no matter what you may be wearing or how you may be feeling.

Be (D)etermined: On your rise for corporate success its important that you treat everyone with equal amounts of respect. You treat the janitor with the same respect you treat the CEO. It’s not about being too nice or a pushover, but it’s about respect that everyone rightfully deserves. Being a successful woman doesn’t mean you need to be rude or mean to those who work beneath you. These are the same people who will be supporting you as you progress so why be on their bad side? Being the office bitch only makes people want to see you fail rather than help you on your journey to success.


  1. I love loveee ESSIE!!! no chip for at least 3 days!! gotta love a mani that can hang for a BAD girl’s lifestyle 🙂 MY obbession right now is Marshmellow!! Not pale white hint of cloudy pink and looks great with a french!!

    ❤ LP

  2. Yes my manicure is still looking good after a week! I must hunt for that color to try it out! Thanks for sharing!! ❤

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