BAD Romance
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“You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry.” ~Author Unknown

Let it be (B)eautiful: “Not Gon Cry” by Mary J. Blige coincidentally is playing as I type up this post. This is a great song to listen to when you the need the strength to move forward. Music seriously helps heal wounds.

Let it be (A)uthentic: I don’t think tears are a sign of vulnerability or weakness. When someone sheds a few tears it could be for so many other reasons like feeling  joy, happiness, sentiment, inspiration, overwhelmed, or if something simply touches their heart.  When you find out what can cause someone to feel the need to cry it opens you up into their soul. It allows you to see the type of person they are and what really means a lot to them.

Let it be (D)etermined to Last: Men have been raised to think crying is strictly for women (total bull sh!t). If your man is in need of a good cry don’t make it uncomfortable for him. The last thing he needs is his girl friend talking sh!t about it. There is nothing wrong with a man showing his sensitive side every now and then. They are humans just like us contrary to popular belief. 😉

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