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Special Feature: September’s B.A.D Girl of the Month!! <3

Hello B.A.D Girls!! I am very excited to announce Style Me B.A.D’s very first B.A.D Girl of the MonthMs. Nicole Di Carlo!! Nicole is a perfect example of a woman who lets nothing stop her from her dreams. She is an entrepreneur and full-time mom to a beautiful baby boy.  Nicole is working hard to take over the fashion/entertainment industry and provide a great life for her son all while being completely fabulous! When asked how it feels to be our first featured BG, Nicole replied: “Being BAD never felt so good! I’m so happy to finally be recognized for not only my hard work as an editor and writer, but also for my personality.”

We are honored to have her representing for us B.A.D gals! Check out our interview with Ms. September!

The Basics:

Name: Nicole DiCarlo

Age: 22 years young

Location: Ohio

Occupation: Founder and Editor in Chief of Spill the Juicy -an online magazine dedicated to beauty, fashion, entertainment, and celebrities. Owner of upcoming online boutique store Five35.

Up Close and Personal:

SMB: Tell us about yourself…

Nicole:I am an extremely passionate person when it comes to the things I believe in. I truly always stand my ground for my beliefs, my family, friends, city, whatever it may be. I’m comfortable with who I am inside, but I still struggle with self-confidence outside, especially after having a baby. I know what I am capable of and I am extremely knowledgeable. I am a strong woman and I’ve been to hell and back, but I am also sensitive to the core.”

SMB: So what makes you a B.A.D Girl?

Nicole: “A year in a half a go I was living  the average college girl life with big dreams and open bar tabs. I found out I was pregnant with my son and my life changed. I’ve always wanted children, and although it was unexpected, I fully accepted my pregnancy. I worked three jobs and finished my last semester of college with 21 credit hours.  I’ve always wanted to be the model of a 1950’s stay-at-home mom. I didn’t want to give up the dream of being able to raise my son and spend every day with him, but yet I needed to do something to be able to provide for us both. I wrote for a couple of online publications, and finally decided to start “Spill the Juicy.” Now I manage both businesses from my home and still am able to raise my son and watch him grow. It’s still a struggle, but things are happening fast, and I see nothing but good coming out of the decisions I’ve made for us both.

SMB: What Inspires you?

Nicole: “I am a poetry writer at heart, and much unlike what is seen on Spill the Juicy. It is very dark, gothic, ghostly and quite enchanting. I find much of my inspiration from rock music – Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, A7X. I also take “inspirational drives.” Sometimes I would just get in my car and drive.. didn’t know where to, but I would drive and think and listen to music, my thoughts, and by the time I was back home I could probably have written a novel!

SMB: Finish this sentence: “A BAD Girl is_____”

Nicole: “Her own BOSS.

SMB: Do you have a favorite fashion trend?

Nicole: “That is tough! I like anything that sparkles!”

SMB: What is your favorite post from Style Me BAD thus far?

Nicole: July 20 – “I knew I loved you before I met you”  -“When I was in junior high this song confused me, I could never wrap my head around how to love someone you didn’t even know. And although the song is about just that, I didn’t fully experience it myself until I got pregnant. I instantly fell in love with my little baby the second I heard the heartbeat in the sonogram. I had (and still do) so much determination to give my child an amazing life, and I loved him so much, and at the time he was only as big as my fist.


Make sure you check back tomorrow as Nicole will be our guest blogger!!

Check out Nicole and Spill the Juicy on:

BE B.A.D!!!


  1. This is awesome! Thank you Nicole for showing us that in order to be a BAD girl all you need is to believe in yourself and your dreams!!

    I am excited to read your blog tmw!!


  2. Great choice for B.A.D Girl of the month! Great to see a young female entrepreneur making a name for herself while being a mother… KUDOS!!

  3. Joanna says

    I love this blog and CONGRATS NICOLE!! Excellent choice to represent!! Keep it up girl!!

  4. Wow thanks so much everyone for the responses! I am so happy to have inspired you ladies.. it really means a lot to hear such kind words! 🙂

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