B.A.D. Girl
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“You get better sex when you know your own body. How can you expect a man to know your body when you don’t know what pleases you?” ~Eva Longoria

Be (B)eautiful: Looking sleazy is not sexy. Here is a good rule of thumb to follow when dressing up to keep it classy yet still look sexy.  If you are showing legs/booty keep the girls up top (boobies) in hiding. If you want to let the girls come out and play a little bit than throw on some jeans or a longer bottom.

Be (A)uthentic: There are plenty of women who, in the interest of being nice, have ended up sleeping with people with whom they later realized we wouldn’t even have a cup of coffee with. If this is you there is no need to beat yourself up over it, but it is definitely not okay to continue this now that you are a BAD girl! Get in touch with yourself and choose carefully the people with whom we share our bodies.

Be (D)etermined: A good girl has sex because she is doing it to make her partner happy. A BAD girl has sex to make HERSELF as well as her partner happy.  This involves knowing what makes you feel good and telling your partner straight up: touch me there, kiss me here, stroke like this, etc. Not every guy is going to have the magic touch and will sometimes need some coaching, but don’t be a bitch about it that it makes him feel insecure (and like he can’t lay it down).  Take control one night and show him what makes you feel good, if he’s a good guy, he will completely love it.

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