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*Special Feature*: Style Me BAD Presents its Couple of the Month! ♥

Meet Our Hot Couple : Jiselle & Eugene!

Eugene & Jiselle

{Jiselle is a 23-year-old from Long Island, NY. She is currently a student at John Jay College in NYC studying forensic Psychology and also working  full-time as an Executive Assistant for a Real Estate Firm. Eugene is 25 from Queens, NY. He currently works as an Investigative Technician for Target Corp. Jiselle is a Capricorn and Eugene is an Aries for all you astrology lovers! They have been together officially since June 11, 2007. Jiselle is a good friend of mine and when I asked her how it felt to be chosen as our “It Couple” she replied, “It feels great! There are so many people who have given up on love and I think featuring a “Couple of the Month” is a great reminder that it still exists and is within everyone’s reach!”}

SMB: So tells us how you guys met?
Jiselle: “I was a freshman at St. Johns University and he was a junior and also one of the orientation leaders. He was way hot, but I had a boyfriend at the time. A year later we began chatting on-line and then agreed to meet up at the campus library. I was so shy and he was so not! The first thing I remember noticing about him were his sexy arms and big smile. He says the first thing he noticed were my pretty hands!”

SMB: So what exactly was your first date like?
Jiselle: “So bad! We went to see a scary movie and then out to eat. I was shy and wouldn’t even eat in front of him. I remember being so turned off though because all he talked about was how he wasn’t sure if a relationship was good at that point considering he wanted to move away to join the Navy! I left thinking to my self, ‘we should probably just remain friends’.”

Eugene: “The first date was horrible. There, I was taking this girl out on a date and she was not even saying a word. At the time, I was deciding on going into the military and possibly leaving in a few months.It may  have been a  bad decision to bring that up. The movies are also a bad place to take someone for a first date. After the date, I was thinking, “umm… this is no bueno”.”

SMB: What made you fall in love with each other?
Jiselle: “My last relationship was very unhealthy. I found myself losing a sense of who I was, what I wanted to be, and what my goals were. When I started dating Gene, it was like a breath of fresh air. Like someone opened a door and let light in to the dark dungeon of my life! Although he did and still does drive me crazy sometimes, he was and is always supportive of my dreams no matter how crazy he thinks they are and he pushes me to be a better person both inside and out. He has allowed me to be the real me; The person that I knew I had in me, but  was not able to let show before. His ability to love me for everything I am, even when I drive him crazy. The way that he never wants my light to stop shining, and the fact that he continues to treat me like his equal, is why I fell in love and why I continue to fall in love with him everyday!

Eugene: “To be honest, when we first started dating (not even bf and gf yet), I really thought we weren’t  compatible  to have a long-term relationship. We were very different, but that was actually it. It was how different she was that made me complete. I love her because she is everything that I wish I had within myself and she has qualities I would want whenever I have children. Her strengths are an asset to our relationship and even though I get upset when she is emotional or stresses out about the little things, I envy her because she pours herself into EVERYTHING she does and that’s rare. It’s rare in the fact that in the past if a woman would have told me that she loves me, I would believe her, but up to a certain point, but not with Jiselle. She has the ability to relate well to me and even when she doesn’t understand me, her emotions toward me define our love and she is the backbone of this relationship. I am just the brain!”

SMB: What is your favorite memory together thus far?
Jiselle: “So many memories, but the most recent one would have to be our time in the Dominican Republic. We had been very stressed the few months leading up to our trip. He was finishing his Masters and I was working full-time and going to school with a heavy work load. The trip to the DR was much-needed. When we arrived we got an upgrade to a 1 bedroom suite, extra drinks in our minibar, and the hotel was AMAZING!!! It poured most of the time we were there, but we still had a blast…together! We bonded, relaxed, laughed, danced, drank, and romanced, it was beautiful!”

Eugene: “My favorite memory of us together I would have to say would be one valentine’s day where she bought a very special outfit  and surprised me with it on. I can’t really go into detail exactly what she was wearing or what happened RIGHT after, but the night was amazing and something I will never forget.”

SMB: How do you two handle arguments that may arise?
Jiselle: “When we argue, we argue hard! We both have very strong personalities and thus very strong opinions and views on things. I especially, can be a little over the top and bratty, but, I like to blame that on my crazy Puerto Rican side. So does he (haha). He is very passionate when he thinks he’s right! However our disagreements are always handled with respect. If we feel the situation might be getting a little crazy, we stop, walk away for a couple of hours, maybe even a day, clear our heads and then come back and work out our problem. We also set some ground rules when it comes to our arguments: no cursing, no yelling, and don’t cut the other person off while speaking. It might sound silly to set rules, and yes sometimes they are easily broken, but you will be surprised how much faster complications can be resolved when these 3 rules are acknowledged.”

SMB: Tell me what you think people who know u guys would say about the two of you?
Jiselle: “That we are always trying something new. Mostly new places to eat, of course, because that’s what we love to do and that we are always laughing! Most recently we were named “Hustle & Flow”, because Gene taught me how to play spades in 3 minutes and we whooped ass, no one believed that it was my first time playing. Little did they know that’s just how we roll!”

Eugene: “I believe people who knows us would say that we are always trying to have fun. I mean there is no point of getting into a relationship if you’re literally not having fun about 90% of the time. In my last relationship, we didn’t have fun at all. We did nice things and went to nice places, but there was a lack of fun and chemistry, which actually made the relationship pointless. Like friendship, you tend to hang and be around people you enjoy, laugh with, and have a good time with. A relationship should mimic that plus go beyond it. Whenever people see us, we are always having a good time, joking with each other and genuinely enjoying each others company.

SMB: What is your secret for keeping the relationship going strong?
Jiselle: “By finding the fun in every situation, and trying new things in the bedroom and of course outside of it!  Being very open and honest with one another about how we are feeling and what we are thinking, whether it hurts or not, and constantly making it known how much we appreciate each other.  Having a solid friendship really makes the relationship strong. Most sane people have a hard time lying or being fake to their best friend so the formula to a strong friendship is the ability to tell that person what no one else will. We really are best friends!”

SMB: What is one piece of advice for couples just starting out? Jiselle: “TAKE…IT…SLOW! Live in the moment and just enjoy getting to know each other.

SMB: What does the future have in store for you two love birds? 😉 Jiselle: “Currently we have been looking for apartments together and we’re hoping within the next 3 years to finally take that next step down the aisle… :D”

SMB: Of course I have to ask this last question, Jiselle, what is your favorite  post from SMB and why?
Jiselle: July 13th post: “When men and women are able to respect and accept their differences than love has a chance to blossom.” ~John Gray
It was a great reminder to love Gene for all that he is and remember that he loves me for all that I am. Also, your part on communication being key, was very much-needed at that time, since I am not always the best at it sometimes.



  1. By far one of my fave blogs yet!

    It’s refreshing to see REAL couples!! This gives hope to all single bad girls out there!! 😉

    Ps-this deserves a spread in glamour mag! 🙂

    Keep up the excellent work ❤ LP

  2. Nicole says

    I absolutely love this article. It makes me so happy to see a strong couple that is Happy and IN LOVE witheachother. I know that real love exists with the RIGHT person and this is a perfect example. I love how you guys almost thought it wasnt meant to be and its true that if its meant to be it WILL.

  3. That was a very beautiful blog post boo…I love their love for each other, its very inspiring!!! I hope they make it for the long haul!! ❤

  4. Alex says

    Thank you for sharing such intimate details with us and letting us into your relationship. This is beautiful. Best of luck to you guys!!!

  5. Big Y says

    I love this blog! Very realistic yet extremely romantic! It reminds people that true love does exist. I wish the couple tons of happiness.

  6. Jessy says

    awwww I love reading about happy couples. This is a great idea and an excellent blog! My hubby and I have been together for 6 years -maybe we can be featured on this wonderful site one day 🙂

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