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“Most modern calendars mark the sweet simplicity of our lives by reminding us that each day that passes is the anniversary of some perfectly uninteresting event.” ~Oscar Wilde

Time flies by way too quickly so we should make each moment count by embracing it all. Take the time to count your blessings while others add up their troubles (seriously).

Today marks my 100th post for Style Me BAD!! I am so excited to hit this milestone, so many bloggers start a site and leave it to remain unfinished after a few posts. This blog is my baby, I put a great deal of thought, effort, and research into my daily posts for all my fellow BAD girls to enjoy. I hope that you have been enjoying what I have had to say and have benefited from my posts, even if it is just opening up your mind to a new idea.

This is only the beginning of Style Me BAD and I hope my readers will continue to join me on this journey as I blog my way through life. Everything that I blog about is based on my own personal experiences and what I have learned. I do NOT write  about things that I do not do myself or that I do not believe in. However, I am not perfect so I may slip up from time to time, but best believe Ms. B. BAD is always aiming to stay on point and be the BADDEST BG there is!;-)

Lastly, I want to thank YOU. You, yes, you the person reading this post! I appreciate my readers more than I can describe in words. Thank you to everyone who has read a post, shared it, commented, became a fan or follower or referred my blog to a friend. I hope I have been able to live up to your expectations thus far. As always I am open to your suggestions, feedback and comments on topics or things you would like to see here, so feel free to share with me!

Cheers to 6 months of BADdness and another 600 more to come! 😉

From the lyrics of one of my fave rappers: Jay-Z –  “Thank you, Thank you, thank you You’re far too kind, Hold your applause, This is your song not mines…”


P.S Big Happy Birthday shout out  to a dedicated reader of SMB and a fellow BAD Girl Emily!! ❤



  1. Happy 100th post BAD girl!

    you have inspired many wmn to succeed in life-and thats such a great feeling!

    Keep doing what you do, and remember keep repping for the the BAD girls out there!!

    Good luck and you have so much ahead of you!


    LP ❤

  2. Emily says

    Congrats my love on your 100th post and thanks for the special shout out! I’m very lucky to have a friend like u 🙂

  3. Alyssa says

    Congratulations on your 100th entry! Keep up the amazing job of sprinkling a little more (good) badness into the world, day by day 🙂

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! And THANK YOU for being the fabulous blogger that you are. I look forward to each of your posts daily1 ❤

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