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“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword” ~C. Reade

Be (B)eautiful: Sweatpants, hair tied, no make up on and you should still feel beautiful because YOU ARE! I stumbled upon this Facebook Group called Operation Beautiful and its all about spreading love and making others feel beautiful by writing positive notes  and leaving them around in public places like bathrooms, dorms,  the gym, at your job, on a desk, on someones car, anywhere! Do IT!!

Be (A)uthentic: Scarves are my obsession now that the temperatures in NY have started dropping. Scarves may be the only reason I enjoy cold weather to be honest! I found this company called Letau Designs that sells beautiful  hooded and drawstring scarves. As you all know I love a unique fashion find! I have seen hooded scarves before, but the drawstring ones are new to my eyes and I am diggin’ it! What do you ladies think?

Be (D)etermined: When networking it’s a good idea to write down on the business cards you receive where it was that  you actually met the person. Was it at a conference, fashion show, luncheon, business meeting, etc?  This is helpful for when you decide to reach out to someone after some time has passed.  It will allow you to avoid any awkwardness if the person doesn’t remember you right away or in case you can’t remember where it was that you met the person.


  1. Alyssa says

    LOVING the scarves. Definitely hadn’t heard of the drawstring integration, but it makes perfect sense really – keeping you bundled up tight when you need it most. Great link!

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