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Style Series: Keira Knightley took the night in Chanel Couture!

Keira Knightley in Chanel

I am absolutely in love with this dress by Chanel from their fall 2010 collection. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! The dress in handmade and fully beaded from top to bottom. The cream color and pearls add to the sophistication. I don’t think this dress would have the same effect if it was in any other color.  I absolutely died when I saw the back. I love love love open back dresses. I think showing the small of your back is much sexier than showing cleavage. The strings of pearls on the sleeves and back of the dress are my second favorite detail about this Chanel Haute Couture show stopper. I am going to go pick my jaw back up from the ground now and continuing hoping that I can rock an amazingly fabulous piece like this one day…

*Photo via Getty Images


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