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Hello My loves! Yours truly is a contestant in the most amazing contest EVER! Sun Glass Hut is in need of a Full Time Fabulous Fashion Blogger and I am the PERFECT candidate. Here is why: 1. I was, am and always will be a major fashionista who is open to new styles, looks and trends. 2. My current day job is NOT fabulous and is NOT for me. 3. Sunglasses are my FAVORITE accessory for a perfect look. 4. My blog rocks!!!  5.I am a B.A.D girl enough said, right?

Here is the AMAZING GRAND PRIZE for the lucky winner aka ME 🙂 :

  • Full time job with Sun Glass Hut
  • $100,000 compensation
  • A fully-furnished apartment in Manhattan
  • $1,000/month styling allowance
  • VIP passes to fashion shows in NYC, Milan, Paris and more
  • The time of your life

So please help my dreams come true and take a minute out of your day to vote for me. One act of kindness will not go unnoticed and I bet something great will come to you as a result of you voting for me. 😉

Here is how you vote:

1. Go to www.fulltimefabulous.com

2. Search for Nicole or CLICK HERE

3. Enter in your email address, its one vote per email. So the more you have the better!

4. Tell a friend, significant other, co worker, family member, or a stranger to vote for ME!

5. Make sure you receive an email from tech support to confirm your vote or it wont count (check your spam folder)!!

P.S. After voting you will receive a coupon code for $20 to use at Sun Glass Hut!!!




      • I voted and tweeted about you 🙂 I will probably blog about it as well because I just love your blog and I would like to see you win! I feel like you are my style sister 🙂 Good Luck Babes and have a great weekend!

      • Awwww that was so sweet!!! THANK YOU so much seriously!!! That would be wonderful!! You rock! Enjoy your weekend too sweety!! 🙂

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