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How to: Keep your thoughts positive, ask questions and make sure you sing at the top of your lungs!

Be (B)eautiful: I absolutely love blasting my favorite song of the moment, singing at the top of my lungs and not caring about what anyone thinks. Its my way of releasing any stress I may have bottled up inside. It also helps to  put me  in an automatic good mood. 🙂

Be (A)uthentic: “Our thoughts create our reality; where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go”  by Peter McWilliams. This quote is oh so true. Its important to keep positive thoughts in and kick negative ones to the gutter!

Be (D)etermined: A good question to ask on an interview is “Why is the position currently available?” Your intentions in asking this question is to get insight as to whether this will be a good job for you. The interviewer might tell you that the previous person wasn’t comfortable cold calling and being rejected. If this is the case for you as well then it can help you decide whether or not to accept the position if/when it’s offered to you.  They may tell you that the other person got promoted, which will let you know there is room for growth within the company. If they tell you the person just never showed up again that may alert you to inquire if something happened or you could take it as a sign that the job may not be all that great. Regardless, use your best judgment and don’t be afraid to ask questions!


  1. Great interview advice-I never thought of previously asking this question! Many ppl are too intimidated to ask ANY questions! So this is a perfect! Good job Bad girl!!!

    LP ❤

    • Thank you! It is super important to ask questions, you wan to show that you are engaged and interested, unless of course you aren’t and all you wan tot do is get out of there!

  2. I so agree I sing to myself ALL the time at work on the train at home anywhere its like an escape! I think in a past life I was a singer.

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  4. So important to ask questions on an interview and even mor eimportant if you actually want the job! Well done post as per usual!

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  6. joypassiondesire says

    Loved what you wrote! It is so true. Our thoughts create our reality, we get what we expect.

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