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Be (A)uthentic: Statement making designer shoes guaranteed to get you looks

Shoes can literally make or break your outfit. You could be wearing the most gorgeous outfit, but pair it with the wrong footwear and you are doomed for criticism. One thing I love about shoes, is that like a great pair of sunglasses they can really take your look to the next level. You could be wearing a simple outfit, but by adding a fun pair of shoes you just changed your entire look. I was browsing on today and found this feature on statement making shoes.  As a B.A.D girl I am all about being unique and rockin’ something different from the rest. Would you wear any of these shoes? They are pretty much an outfit all on their own.

Chewing Gum Heel by Kobi Levi

These shoes are pretty sick. I can’t imagine how many people might have to look twice at your shoes thinking you stepped right into a wad of bubblegum.

Palais Mohawk Pumps by YSL

I am a total sucker for the color purple and I have to admit that I would more than likely rock these with a little black dress.

Peacock Sandal by Pierre Hardy,

These bird inspired beauties aren’t necessarily my style, but I think the right woman could pull these off flawlessly.

Lipstick heel by Alberto Guardiani

I really dig these heels. I think they are super sexy and would pair them with a blazer and skinny jeans for a causal yet I mean business look.  How could you not be irresistibly kissable in these? 😉

Angel bootie by Alexander McQueen

Long Live McQueen. These Angel inspired booties are super funky. Anyone else get a belly dancer meets Lady Gaga vibe?

Cadillac heel by Pollini for Manish Arora

These shoes scream Egyptian Goddess as I picture a gorgeous female being brought into a palace while riding on an elephant. The gold details add that touch of royalty.

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  1. Kathy M. says

    Those are very creative shoes!!! and I would def rock the third and last pair!!!

  2. That gum heel is hillarious!!!! But I def like the purple YSL pumps and the lipstick heels is pretty sexy!

    • It would be a guy to think up that gum heel design. He must not understand the agony of stepping in gum! But the shoe is clever none-the- less. Thanks for sharing xoxo

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