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Today’s Menu: Designer Party Dresses, Originality and a very important job search and interview tip!

Be (B)eautiful: There is nothing I love more than a dress. It is quite possibly my favorite item of clothing to wear because it’s just one piece! Trying to pair an outfit together can sometimes lead to a major headache for me. I always want my outfit to be perfect, especially on special occasions.  So with the holidays rapidly approaching I have been browsing for some super fab party dresses. These are a few that had me drooling at the mouth.

Alice + Olivia

Sue Wong

Alice + Olivia

Nanette Lepore

Be (A)uthentic: Food for thought: “You’ve gotta be original, because if you’re like someone else, what do they need you for?” ~Bernadette Peters

Be (D)etermined: Cater your resume to the job description! I can’t stress this point enough. It’s imperative that you cater your resume to each position you apply for. Yes, it takes more time than sending the same resume to 100’s of jobs, but you’re far better off applying to a fraction of those jobs with a resume specifically written for each job. Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes. Their job is to hire the most qualified candidate. They’ve been given a set of qualifications to look for: aka the job description, and that’s exactly what they’re after, so give it to them!


  1. Alyssa says

    Catering my resume to each specific job I’d been applying to, is DEFINITELY the reason why I started getting so many call backs. All thanks to your tips! 🙂

  2. I agree! Focusing your resume on the job your applying for will def boost up your chances at a call-back. With this recession, you want to use ALL strategies possible to be number 1# 🙂

    LP ❤

    Ps-LOVE the dresses, they are my fave since you have to put in less work to figure out an outfit LOL

  3. Evelyn says

    I love that sequin Alice + Olivia dress! It’s ultra glam yet simple a definite show stopper.

  4. I love that black A+O dress. Such a Christmas party dress for sure!

    Excellent job tip and quote!

    You rock!

  5. Life is one long struggle to disinter oneself, to keep one’s head above the accumulations, the ever deepening layers of objects … which attempt to cover one over, steadily, almost irresistibly, like falling snow.

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