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Relationship Advice: Respect yourself and your body. Sex doesn’t mean love.

Let it be (B)eautiful: A woman who respects herself and her body is way sexy.

Let it be (A)uthentic: You deserve to be happy with someone all the time not just when your naked. Be real with yourself, are you happy with your current situation being based on pure physicality or do you want something more?

Let it be (D)etermined to Last: Sleeping with someone will not, I repeat NOT make them want to take you seriously or pursue a committed relationship. So please don’t ever think this will be the case even if he says so. Getting it on should not be a prerequisite for relationship 101. So don’t be pressured into doing something you don’t want to do, especially for a guy!

“If you want to be respected by others the great thing is to respect yourself. Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.”

So B.A.D Girls  in your experience has hooking up ever led to a serious relationship?


  1. I was soley hooking up with a guy and we wound up dating after developing feelings, but it didnt work out. He was crazy!

    I do agree with you that if the guy isnt on the same page it may not work out the way you want it too. He could become possessive of you physically ad it have noting to do with love.

    • I agree, men can become extremely possessive over the girls they are hooking up with and you two never established that it was anything more. This can be why women get confused thinking he actually wants something more than just SEX!

      Thanks for sharing Krys!

      • My good friend confused possesiveness with what she thought was “love” b/c the guy she was hooking up with would not let her do her! But he didnt want their relationship to go any further. But this pretty much goes hand in hand with Candi’s comment about knowing your self worth. She lacked that B.A.D girl strength to just hit and quit it!

  2. Candi says

    Women have the power to adapt to any situation therefore if your going to have a sexual relationship keep it that way while your on the hunt for a good man. People only develop feelings when they settle for their sexual relationships, once you settle it’s down hill. Keep your sexual relationships purely sexual and there won’t be any problems. Some women are single for years soes that mean they cant enjoy the pleasures of sex because they have to wait for Mr.Right, hell no… You have to kiss a few frogs to get to your prince and let a few frogs at least entertain you in order to keep your sanity you just have to remember they are and always will be frogs!

    • I totally agree with you, but what about the women who cant control their feelings and think that a guy will be with them if they keep having sex?

      • Candi says

        It’s not that they can’t control their feelings they just don’t know their worth. Unfortunately it’s a man’s world and we have to play the game in order to get what we want in life. Women need to embrace themselves before they take on the task of loving others or thinking they love others, we have the power of the p-u-*-*-y yet we forget that quite to often. Those women who confuse lust for love are usually those who are lacking self confidence, they may be the hottest thing walking down the street but in their eyes they are worthless and thats how they deem themselves in these sexual relationships thefore settling and thinking they love these men who in all actuality are just not that into them.

      • I think its a Woman’s WORLD especially since we have the power of the P*ssy! If we women could realize our power we would have men being the ones crying and moping over a carton of ben and jerrys. Believe that cuz I have made it happen! We just need to stop being naive and learn to be the one setting up the Game not Playing it!


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  4. From personal experiences being Promiscuous with men really means your trying to avoid being in a relationship which is not really a bad thing, but more of guarding your feeling for love and also your heart. Most of us are adults and I believe that if you are okay with casual sex there is nothing wrong with it. It becomes more of a problem when you are degarding yourself to men who are not respecting you or your body and thats why you have to question his motives and your values. Being a woman is hard already, but being a BAD takes training. But I always say in life we should never regret anything; I like to label them learning experiences. This is how we learn and grown and mold ourselves into the powerful BAD girls we are today!


    LP ❤

    • Some women wind up being promiscuous because they want to be loved so badly and they think that by being physical it will lead to love. But I agree with you. Being B.A.D aint easy and its def not for everybody!

  5. PS- in regards to “So B.A.D Girls in your experience has hooking up ever led to a serious relationship?”

    I believe anything is possible, there is not a set book on how to fall in love with a man. Communication is key amongst a few other things. If you both on the same level then why not? If we believe that something special can come out of a guy you been hooking up with..then go for it! Take a risk..because if you dont, you will always be left wondering what could of happened.


    • I agree you never know what can happen. I wound up dating someone out of a similar situation. But my problem is women who think sex can change a mans mind to be with committed to them. These women lack self worth, respect and confidence as Candi mentioned in her comment.

      • Candi says

        Even with the power of the punani men still have the upper hand because there are so many desperate women who dont value themselves that they always have the upperhand that why we as women need to stick together and build each others confidence rather than bringing each other down. I used to be very judgmental and talk smack about hoes all the time but honestly i wish i could have talked to them instead and taught them a few tricks rather than have them smut themselves out and make it harder for good women to get by. We are all squirrels just trying to get nuts!

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