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Be Authentic in Customized Prada Sunglasses.

For as long as I can remember having something customized has always been the “cool” thing to do. Customized jewelry, purses, clothing and now Sunglasses!

This month, the Italian fashion power house launches PradaPrivate, a line of customizable sunglasses available at Sunglass Hut. The shades will be available in black, tortoiseshell, and white, and allow you to dismantle the arms and add in two letters, numbers, or symbols like hearts, skulls, and snowflakes – on the frames.

Cute? I guess this could be a big deal for people who rock nothing but designer duds and want another way to show off their exclusivity.

But if flashing labels isn’t your thing then spending money on these babies may not be for you. I personally would probably decide to just keep the  “P” and “R” letters that come on the originals. The shades are retailing at $365.

I love me some hot sunglasses and of course, anything to be unique, but I don’t know if I will be dropping almost $400 bucks for these babies. So BAD girls how do we feel about these sunglasses? Would you buy a pair and customize?

*Photos via Prada


  1. I personally love the idea of making shades original and pradas has some amazing styles! I love the style of the frames but for almost $400 they are a little to basic for me. Plus, even if they were $30 i prefer glasses with a statement!

    But for all the BAD GIRLS looking for a Classic/Original look then these babies are a fab pick!

    LP ❤

  2. I can see why they THOUGHT this would be cool, but in all honesty who the hell is going to spend that much money on these shades when they arent even all that?!

  3. Melanie says

    I like the idea and it would be cool to say you have customized Pradas, but I think they should of used some jewels to fancy it up!

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