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**B.A.D Girl of the Month: Annie Basulto of Cubannie Links Jewelry!**

Hello B.A.D Girls! Please allow me to introduce Ms. Annie Basulto. She is the lovely lady behind the super dope jewelry company Cubannie Links, which of course, I LOVE!

Her jewelry is edgy, fun, sexy and unique and has been seen on celebs like Alicia Keys, Keri Hilson, T-boz, Tyra Banks, Gabrielle Union, and Vanessa and Angela Simmons just to name a few!

I am very honored to have her featured as December’s B.A.D Girl of the Month for Style Me BAD! I think Annie is a great example of a woman following her dreams and making them her reality. I hope you guys like her and Cubannie Links as much I do!


SMB: Annie, tell the readers of SMB a little bit about yourself!

Annie: “I am a business owner, girlfriend, soon-to-be mother, sister, daughter, best friend, go-getter, and am also very emotional. I am originally from Miami,  and have lived in NYC for almost 12 years. I  dabbled in being a nail tech for a bit. I love to eat carbs and dine out. I wish I owned the Mustang that was in my family for 30 years, but I don’t have a license. I used to want to be an actress. I love having long hair and want all my future children to have my green eyes. I work very hard to make sure I don’t have to in the future!”

SMB: So what makes you a B..A.D girl?

Annie: “What makes me B.A.D is laying out my own future and not waiting for someone to GIVE ME success!  I am not afraid to take risks and not afraid to compete in a competitive industry independently.”

SMB: Tell me more about Cubannie Links. What are some of your favorite pieces?

Annie: “I started this business with the vision, that I can financially and creatively benefit on what I can offer, and not what an employer can offer me. It’s a lot of work, but extremely gratifying. Cubannie Links is now 3 years old and I look forward to what the future holds.These are my personal faves that work with every outfit and occasion!”

Light weight earrings that fit every look

Azucar Hoops

A great statement piece

Guerra Chain

I love to stack these

La Dinamica Bracelet

Dulce II Bracelet

These are a must for my shades

Cortina Chain

SMB: Tell us what inspires you.

Annie: “NYC is a hubb of inspiration and art, music & fashion all tie in on how it inspires me.  The seasonal change inspires me.  The grittiness of the city is such a contrast, but what I find is the beauty in it.  In my collection specifically, a lot of inspiration is pulled from my hometown Miami and the Cuba I long for.  I have tailored my collection to serve as a place where I can live vicariously through the eyes of the place I am from, or places my family have so much history in.”

SMB: Finish this line “A B.A.D Girl is…

Annie: “Loved and Admired by all.”

SMB: What is one of your favorite fashion trends right now?

Annie: “I loooove the combat boot trend.  Some of the boots are really dope!  I remember when I was in high school in Miami I saw this pair of black combat/snow boots in the J Crew Catalog.  I loved them so much I bought them…dont know why, since it’s never colder than 60 degrees in Miami in the Winter.  Damn, I wish I still had them.  I also love the high-waisted pleated pants from American Apparel.  The trouser look with the tapered leg is so chic.”

SMB: How would you describe your personal style?

Annie: “I love fashion, but after deciding to own my own business and not getting that salary I was used to I had to cut back.  I realized that my style is pretty affordable and I love it.  Some of my favorite casual or everyday pieces include: harem pants, sneakers, gladiators or moccasin boots, racerback tops I steal from my dad in Miami, which he buys at Good Will and of course vintage pieces. Funky Fanny‘s is a great topper.  I am a collector of vintage Fendi Bags, so that is definitely the accessory that completes my look.”

SMB: So do you have a favorite post from Style Me BAD?

Annie: “I couldn’t pick just one, but I am extremely impressed by the variety of topics you talk about.  I’m a softy so my favorite section is the romantic ideas with the quotes on True Love Tuesday’s.  I’m a sucker for love and mushy stuff like this.”

Visit and SHOP Cubannie Links Holiday Sale!

Connect with Annie and Cubannie Links on Facebook and Twitter @anniecubannie

P.S Cubannie Links makes great affordable gifts for the accessory addict in your life!




  1. Jessica says

    Great Choice for BGOTM! I love how she followed through to become her own boss instead of working for someone else her whole life. That is exactly how I feel. And her jewelry is super hot!! I want it all!!!

  2. That bullet necklace is sickkkk! This post was a great way to kick off my week, I feel inspired and ready to work on my goals!

    Annie you rock!

    And of course, so do you Ms. B. BAD 🙂

  3. Nicole says

    Awesome pick and great new designer/collection to introduce us to! Just in time for the holidays. I LOVE IT! Great Interview!

  4. Evelyn says

    Great BGOTM!! I love those who strive for what they want rather than wait for things to come along!

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  6. I also agree! Great BGOTM!! Breaking-in new trends is def BAD Girl Material! Loved the interview 🙂 This is true inspiration!!

    ❤ LP

  7. Melanie says

    Ive always wanted one of those chains for my sunglasses! Adding to my xmas list for sure. 😉

    Great interview! Feeling motivated!

  8. Princess says

    Love it all!! Especially the Cortina chain for the glasses…I gotta have it. Awesome Bad girl, awesome post!!

  9. Feeling Inspired. She is very real and I dig her style. Thanks fr letting us meet her! ❤

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