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Celebrating the Holidays With the One You Love.

Let it Be (B)eautiful: Christmas isn’t all about gift giving, although retail giants will tell you otherwise. If you can go out there and VOLUNTEER or DONATE please do so… as a couple (or with friends)! It will  bring you that much closer as you share in such a rewarding experience.

Let it Be (A)uthentic: Get creative with your gift giving! I love surprising my loved ones. One year I hid concert tickets in a DVD box for my brother. Last year I managed to get my hands on my boyfriends phone in order to switch it with the brand new one I bought him. He had no idea until I handed it over to him because it was ringing. He was confused for a slight second, but then became super happy. 🙂

Let it Be (D)etermined to Last: The holidays can be stressful with all the spending, gift buying, family visits, annoying relatives and the like. However, make a conscious effort to avoid taking it out on your partner. It is not their fault your brother sent you on a never-ending video game hunt or that your Aunt who never fails to mention your slight weight gain is coming to town. Take a second to breathe when you feel like snapping.

How do you celebrate with your love?


  1. You ALWAYS give the best surprises 😀

    Volunteering, hmmm – never really thought about giving to others through volunteering. Let me know if you find a good cause.

  2. The cell phone surprise was funny. I wasn’t as creative: I got her a video game and a book.

    You do make a good point about not taking it out on your significant other, though, but I think when you agree to be in a relationship, there’s a punching bag clause somewhere … as long as it’s followed by an apology and kisses.

    ~ Isabel

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