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Birthday Celebrations in Coral.

This past weekend was my sister Nina’s birthday. We celebrated at Sofrito, one of our favorite restaurants in NYC. They specialize in Puerto Rican and Latin American cuisine. The food is A-MAZE-ING. I  Had a great time with my family.

My Sister Nina (left)

During the winter most people shy away from color, especially bright bold colors. Typical winter clothing is full of muted, neutral tones and I wanted to play it up, so the coral color of my knit sweater did the trick. Most of the guests at the restaurant and even my sister decided to play it safe with black. The coral helped this BAD girl stand out in the crowd.

Happy Birthday Sis!

Do you add in bright colors to your winter wardrobe?


  1. I love that sweater!!! Better hide it lol.

    And yes you know I’m usually very bright with my everyday life but u know I needed something slimming

    Send me the pics

    • ha! I know it will be found in your room in the near future. There is no hiding from you. I will email you the pics tonight. ❤

  2. And it looks good on ya!
    Yup, last weekend I wore a bold red sweater. I actually enjoy bold colors in the winter. Someone told me that jewel toned work well on me, so I’ve been running with that.
    I keep hearing about Sofrito. I need to check it out.

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