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Would the 5 year old you be proud of the person you are now?

Be (B)eautiful: One of the things I dislike most about growing up is losing touch with the magic of  childhood innocence and imagination. When you are young the world is your oyster and every dream you have can and will come true. You know that you can be anything in the world: a doctor, singer, astronaut, model, CEO,  or even the president of the United States.

So what changes that we lose sight of these goals and dreams we had for ourselves as children?  My answer? Reality.

Yeah, Okay, so their isn’t a genie who grants our wish for a dream job after college and the perfect guy isn’t going to find us because we left a glass stiletto at the club. If life was that easy the feeling of success wouldn’t taste as good.

One way that I handle feeling discouraged is to look back at photos of myself as a child. There is something so powerful about this that I can’t describe.  Looking back at that little innocent girl that I once was helps to remind me of where I wanted to be when I imagined my life as a 20-something year old.

I ask myself these questions:

  • Would 5-year-old Nicole look up to me?
  • Would she be happy with the decisions I have made?
  • Are her dreams realized or on their way to being fulfilled?
  • Would she be proud of the woman she has turned into?

So if your life didn’t turn out exactly how you planned it when you were 8, are you happy right now?  Our goals and dreams can change from day-to-day, but one thing that remains constant is our desire for happiness.

In order to achieve anything we must look within ourselves for the answers. We are all born with the tools to succeed. But it’s about finding the right make up brush to use in order to perfect the look.

So would your little BAD girl be proud of who you are and where you are going?


  1. Denise M. says

    I KNOW the little us would be proud of where we are today 😉 Besides, we are all kids at heart, even when reality gets too crazy.

    When I was little I wanted to be a marine biologist, lol. But, I’m pretty fine with being Accountant these days.

    • Of course. I love getting back in touch with my inner child doing fun things like coloring and watching old cartoons from back in the day.

      Lil D and lil N are smiling at the women that we are!

      Thank you for sharing love! ❤

  2. I love your baby picture!! so cute!

    I think figuring out what you want and who you are, are key factors in your 20’s!! its all about trial and error!! If life was well planned out then it wouldnt be living.

    I am 24 yrs old now, and when i was 18, I didnt not think I would be getting married in 4 months from today! I probably had other plans..but thats just it…I am happy and I am just living life! So yes I think my little bad girl would be mega happy to know that I am living life as I want. LIVE FREE! 🙂

    ❤ LP

    • Thank you!! 🙂

      I agree with you..20’s are def trial and error and as long as we are staying focused and working towards goals I am all about it.

      Love it! Cant wait for your wedding! ❤

  3. Daisy says

    “But it’s about finding the right make up brush to use in order to perfect the look.”
    – Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  4. I love the baby picture! I need a copy of that to hold on to . . . but on a more serious note I know the little you would be proud of the woman that you are today and would also be proud that you’re determined enough to realize that even if your dreams haven’t been fully actualized yet, you should never let them die.

    When I read the title I first thought “Ahh! This post is going to be a bad reality check because I hate my current situation,” but reading through, you helped me realize that I can still be proud of my character, my actions, and my decisions. And I can still be proud that I AM actually progressing, and not just letting my dreams die, even if I’m not where I want to be today, because it’s never too late.

    I gotta find pictures of little me. Thanks for the idea. I think 5 year old me would be happy that I can spell, tie my own shoes, and finally know the difference between “d” and “b.” So yes I think 5 year old me would be proud!

    • I got you on the pic!

      And wow thank you so much babe your comment really touched me. Life doesn’t always go as we planned, but it is about making the best of it and never giving up.

      I think lil J would be super proud to know that you are dating such a hot girl too! 😉

      Thank you for sharing bubs and I Love you!! xoxo

  5. My 5-year old self would think I was totally cool for having an iPhone. I’ve loved little gadgets since I could remember. I also enjoyed playing dress up for hours so I’d probably be happy about the fashion blog.

    Great post! Despite reality, it is important to still let our dreams inspire us.

    Also, I’m jealous you had a Barbie shirt. My mom never bought me one.


    • hahaha I def had Barbie EVERYTHAANGG!

      Exactly my point the dreams we had as a child should inspire us still as adults.

      Thank you so much for sharing! ❤

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