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True Love Tuesday: Recipe for a Perfect Anniversary.


1 Happy Couple

2 cups of ripe respect

2 cups of pure honesty

2 cups of good conversation

2 hot ensembles

1 pair of sexy stilettos

8 tablespoons of sugar

2 parts fresh peeled thoughtfulness

1 bag of super sweet creativity

Fresh picked laughter and Fun

2 hearts together as one

1 romantic setting



1. Take 1 happy couple and put them in sexy outfits (depending on location- clothing is optional)

2. Place happy couple in a romantic setting

3. Stir in 2 cups each of respect, honesty & love and blend until smooth

4. Chop in 2 parts thoughtfulness

5. Add in a splash of creativity

6. Stir in doses of fun and laughter

7. Top it off with a sugary kiss or 2…or 3

Bon Anniversaire! xo


  1. I love this!!! my Anni is in February! so its def a LOVE month for me!!

    I esp love the 8 spoons of sugar 😉 SWEET LIKE ME!

    ❤ LP

  2. Daisy says

    Each post I like to highlight my favorite line. The winner today is: “2 hearts together as one”

  3. In the past I couldn’t have the same thing two days in a row without losing taste, but you’re so savory my mouth waters each time I think of you. I could enjoy this recipe every day for the rest of my life, without hesitation. Might bring the hot sauce out every now and then, but I know with some Chup (lmao) we’ll never get tired. Great post!!

  4. So is it your anniversary?? 🙂 Congrats if it is!

    In relationships I’ve noticed that tho two cups of honesty are the hardest to stir but they’re worth it. And depending on your partner, you might need more than one bag of creativity … just ask my girl LOL 😛

    Beautiful post!

    • Yes, well it was our 2.5 yr anniversary so technically it was a semiversary?! But Thank you!

      And yes, honesty can be tough but it really helps resolve issues so much easier. And with the creativity you can both split up the bag. 😉

      Thanks so much for the love! xoxo

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