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LOVE Potion 214 Giveaway!

I have teamed up with the lovely ladies behind Love Potion 214 to GIVEAWAY a bottle of their sexy drink (alcoholic)  to 2 Style Me BAD readers!

Love Potion 214 is a sensual, aromatic, seductively infused drink created to elevate the mood with soothing hints of vanilla, alluring rose essence, splashed with coconut water and afrodisiatic cocoa. It is a drink sure to get you in the mood.”

I got to sample the merchandise and Love Potion is delicious especially if you enjoy a nice sweet after dinner drink. Its smooth, not too strong and you feel it right away! Let’s just say I had an amazing night after sippin’ on this potion.

It can be served chilled straight out of the bottle or you can heat it up!

How to Enter: Must be 21 or older

  • Comment below and tell us “What makes you feel Sexy?” Be sure to use the email you wish to be contacted with if you win.
  • Subscribe to Style Me BAD (right hand side of page) or follow with Bloglovin (plus 1 entry)
  • Become a fan of Love Potion 214 on Facebook (plus 1 entry)
  • Become a fan of Style Me BAD on Facebook (plus 1 entry)

Please let us know in the comments section of your additional entries (i.e subscriptions, bloglovin, facebook) or they wont count!

Last day to enter will be Friday February 4th, 2011!

For more info on LOVE Potion 214 or how to Order Click HERE.

{Winners will be selected at random. Your chance of winning is dependent upon number of entrants. Winners will have to show proof of age. }

Good Luck!


  1. Angelina ;) lmao says

    It makes me feel sexy when I have clean freshly done hair and I put on a new outfit even down to the underwear…I feel brand new!

  2. I feel sexy when I have a new pair of HIGH HEEL shoes! I loves shoes..and feeling tall in some sexy heels makes any girl feel amazing! You must also have a matching purse for the shoes! 🙂

    I liked both on facebook and already subscribe to SMB!

  3. Evelyn says

    I feel sexy when a man looks into my face and tells me I’m beautiful! The power of a meaningful comment can get my hormones jumping!!

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  5. Daisy says

    I was actually thinking about this recently! I feel most sexy in a pair of B.A.D. shades 😉 Whether they are oversized or classic raybans, I feel like a hottie!

  6. Big Y says

    I feel sexy after I shave everything ;)…wear sexy black underwear…and pumps!

  7. NEW things make me feel sexy! New clothes, new shoes, new purses, new hair cut, new panties … ahh hell a new cell phone makes me feel sexy! LOL I LOVE new things!

  8. Brittney says

    I feel sexy in my own skin. When I look at myself in the mirror and pucker up, I see sexy on my forehead. Also once I put on my heels I feel very sexy !!

  9. New fitted, fresh cut, fresh kicks, and a hoodie make me feel 100. Good luck ladies, pretty sure I’m not eligible ;).

  10. I feel the most sexy when i’m wearing all black everything. A tight black dress is not only made for skinny women! It hugs your curves and makes a powerful statement. I rock it well with a few wild accessories. Not too much, gotta let the dress speak for itself ❤

  11. angie @gellyboo11 says

    I feel Sexy all the time because I’m just that BAD lol but I feel really really sexy when my hair is nice and curly and my tattoos are showing especially the one on my shoulder.

  12. Denise M. says

    A cool outfit, hot lingerie and getting my eyebrows done all make me feel sexy and ready to conquer the day 🙂

  13. Amanda Allison says

    One of the things (or should I say people) that makes me feel sexy is my boyfriend. We’ve been together for almost five years and he still looks at me with the same attraction and love in his eyes he had back in 2006. I’m so lucky to have such a good man; one who loves me unconditionally and finds all my curves sexy.

    fan on facebook, too! ❤

  14. Alyssa says

    Self-confidence makes me feel most sexy. Feeling & KNOWING that I’m at the top of my game, is automatically reflected in whatever hairstyle, outfit, shoes or accessories I’m in. So sexiness isn’t really based on material things to me – it’s more of an overall mindset 🙂

    I follow & am subscribed to you everywhere!

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  16. What makes me feel sexy is when I am laying in the bed and my man feels the need to what to have relations. He loves when I lay on my stomach and work on the computer. He finds the ultra sexy so that makes me feel sexy. So simple but ohhh so worth it!

    I am subscribed to your blog, I liked your page and Love Potion, I follow you on Twitter and I will now subscribe via Bloglovin! I hope I win. Who else can turn a man on laying in the bed on my stomach working on the computer.

  17. “What makes you feel Sexy?” …..When your walking down the street and you catch people staring at you in a good way. Followed by some “your beautiful” or “god bless you” that perks my day right up!

  18. Princess says

    What makes me feel sexy is when my baby feels all over my body. His touch alone sends chills up my spine and makes me feel so wanted and beautiful. Then he gives me the look…and without saying any words I know its about to be on!!!

  19. Kathy M. says

    What makes me feel sexy is having freshly done hair a sexy tight dress and a pair of pumps…im ready for a night out! :0)

  20. What makes me feel sexy is when I’m having an amazing night and feeling like a Goddess in such a way that it affects all who are around me. I love having a good time ans seeing other B.A.D. girls release their inner Goddess alongside me.

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