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If Your Pillows Could Talk…

Be (B)eautiful: Most People commonly refer to me as THE Gangsta of LOVE.”

Be (A)uthentic: “Let’s Keep it real. You know I am so clutch when a cutie comes over and sees me chillin’ on your bed. Don’t think you are the only one with game boo!”

Be (D)etermined:Seriously, don’t you dare think about sitting on that couch. Put the remote down and your sneakers on. Get your ass to the gym!Seriously how smart is this idea? I want all of them please, especially the one about the gym!

The pillows are handmade with recycled felt applique by designer Alexandra Ferguson and sold at her Etsy Shop. Check out her other designs too HERE.

What would your pillow say if it could talk??!


  1. I want to buy 10 of the “Let’s Make Out” and just have them around my apartment so my girlfriend knows exactly how I’m feeling LOL

  2. Girl, I need these pillows in my LIFE!!!! All of her pillows are so great. I got to check them out on her Etsy store. Ka-yute!

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