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V-Day Margaritas and Pura Lopez Shoe love!

This past Valentines Day was one of the best I have ever celebrated. My boyfriend was so thoughtful! I prefer a sweet well thought out gift over flashy diamonds any day. It’s important that effort is put into special moments because it really shows your dedication to the other person.  We had an  amazing night celebrated over triple flavored margaritas and Mexican food on the Upper West Side.

The food was delicious, but as per usual my boyfriend wound up ordering a better tasting dish and I couldn’t help but eat off of his plate. He ordered sea food stuffed lobster and I got tacos. I know, I know, I pretty much brought it upon myself by ordering such a boring dish. I have to get over my urge to always want to try the tacos at every new Mexican place I go to.

The lovely shoes I am rockin’ were part of my Valentine’s Day surprises. They are by Pura Lopez and can be found on Yoox. I couldn’t believe he bought me them after I showed him one of my favorite bloggers, Delmy of Fashion Bananas wearing them on her vacation! I was beyond excited and had to make them a part of my outfit stat! Thank you baby!

Hope you all enjoyed V- Day. It isn’t just about being in a relationship with an s/o it can also be about celebrating the most important relationship we all have and that is with ourselves!



  1. Evelyn says

    You look sooo Fab!! i love that you wore shorts and a blue bag so stylish! The shoes are amazing and props to your boo for being so thoughtful!

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  3. MissLizz says

    I love this post! Especially this ” celebrating the most important relationship we all have and that is with ourselves!”

    I need to rebuild the relationship I have with myself.

    • Hi Lizz!

      Thanks for stopping by my site and yes it is so important to have the best and most healthy relationship with yourself!! So do it girl! 🙂

  4. all the food and drink shots make me so hungry. all i want right now is just to dig into these shots and eat them.

  5. Omg your boyfriend is so cute to remember shoes you pointed out to him (which are fabulous btw)! Mine would never remember haha

  6. I LOVE THE OUTFIT! Grown n sexy!! I love the shoes!! So FAB~ GLAD UR VDAY WAS GREAT!!

    LP ❤

  7. Your skin and your hair in the first pic are perfection! The best I’ve seen it. Love the shoes also 🙂 You’ve got yourself a winner there…

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