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Girl Crushin on Freja Beja Erichsen for Santa Lolla Fall 2011.

I stumbled upon these deliciously sexy photos of Freja Beja while visiting Dope Ambitions site last night and I immediately fell in love and had to re-blog.

The Danish beauty is the new face of Brazilian accessory company Santa Lolla ‘sFall 2011 campaign and if you ask me she definitely sold me.  Her naked tattoo covered body doesn’t take away from the animal and hounds tooth print  accessories being shown. If anything it makes me want them even more.

I am such a sucker for  tattoos and leopard print. Good Job Henrique Gendre.

Are you guys diggin’ this ad campaign? Thoughts?

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue.


  1. Haha you just made my morning :-p

    I know a lot of people think they look bad but tattoos on women are pretty sexy. And you’re right, they don’t distract from the animal print rather the tats give the print more attitude.

    • Exactly. I like tattoos when they are done right and hers are in such random sexy spots. I LOVEEE IT. Glad I could make your morning hahaha 😉

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