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A Photo Diary of Things I LOVE.

True Love Tuesday Posts don’t necessarily have to be about relationships with significant others. So I want to share with you all a few photos (some from my Blackberry) of things I am crazy about right now.

Me and my BBG Alyssa

My Best B.A.D Girl (BBG) Alyssa received a real blessing this week and I am so grateful. I love you.

Tater Tots from Sonic Drive In

Took a quick road trip to Dirty Jerz for some  fast food goodness with the boy friend. The tater tots were the best I have ever had. Ever. It was also his first time at Sonic. Major win.

Spike Ring from PNK Elephant

How dope is this ring? Toughens up any outfit instantly. Copped it at PNK Elephant.

Pineapple Sangria from Dos Caminos

Give me a good glass of Sangria and I will be your bestest friend. 😉

Effing obsessed with this studded bracelet. I literally don’t take it off right now. It’s another PNK Elephant goody.

What are some things you are lovin’ right now?


  1. Daisy says

    Oh man! Why wasn’t my photo selected for the things you love?? I mean you took such a great photo of me 🙂

  2. Not sad that I’m not here cause you look beautiful.

    Well, maybe just a liitttttttleee.

  3. Alyssa M. says

    I will always & forever love you beyond words, my loverboo. This post has made my day 🙂 ❤

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