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B.A.D Girl of the Month: Ms. Mattie James!

♥Meet Ms.MARCH

♥ Mattie James

♥ Atlanta, GA

♥Fashion Blogger & Writer


Haute Africana

♥ Gemini

♥French Fry Addict

♥A Carrie w. Charlotte Tendencies

What makes you a B.A.D Girl?

“The fact that I am unafraid to be myself.”

Tell us a little bit about you?

“Wife. Blogger. Writer. Daughter. Sister. Friend.  God-fearing. Flawed, but beautiful. Not so sure, but fearless.  Sports lover. Dancing queen. Very amateur photographer. A pretty solid public speaker. Someone who’s inspired and hopefully inspiring as well.”

What inspires you?

“My dreams. That one thing I have yet to accomplish. And I like that. I never really want to be completely comfortable – happy, yes & I am – but never comfortable. The moment that happens you become stagnant and no longer inspired.”

What do you for a living?

“I am a full-time blogger/writer at mattieologie.com. It’s my “9 to 5″ except only better. It’s become a full-fledged brand. I’ve gotten the chance to meet so many different people and really cultivate an audience that is continuously growing. It’s grown into a newsletter, a monthly theme, an online radio show and I’m excited to see what other dreams I’ll make a reality because of it.”

Do you have a favorite current fashion trend?

“The tribal and African prints making a starring appearance in 2011 fashion. It’s fearless.”

How would you describe your personal style?

“Womanly.  I certainly dress for other women and  I always make it my business to wear a conversation piece. Great for networking. You may not always like it, but I’ll always make you look. For the most part I always wear my clothes; from turbans to dresses to jeans & skirts. I never let them wear me.”

Advice for Style Me B.A.D readers pursuing their goals?

“Don’t just prepare for the position you have, but also for the position you want. Greatness doesn’t happen overnight. We have to remember that when you plant a seed, it needs to be deeply rooted and watered regularly for it to bloom. Everyone’s season will come, you just have to be prepared for it when it does. BE CONSISTENT. Consistency kills competition.”

A few words from B.A.D Girl of the Month Mattie James for SMB readers!

Connect with Mattie!

Facebook: Mattieologie


SITE: www.mattieologie.com


  1. Nicole, thank you so much! I’m honored to be the BAD Girl of the Month. You sure know how to make a girl sound cool…or rather, BAD 🙂

  2. She is awesome! I love that your blog gives women the chance to motivate eachother! So great! shes inspiring!

  3. Melanie says

    Consistency kills competition and to never become comfortable are 2 things I am really taking away from this. She is wonderful. Such a strong woman. You can see it when she talks and her confidence in her photos.

    Great choice Nicole!

  4. Kim says

    Wow You have had such a variety of differen and unique women as your BGOTM and they each inspire me in a different way.

    She really helps to remind me to love who I am and to embrace being me. Amazing.

  5. Great Interview! I especially like where she said “Greatness doesn’t happen overnight. We have to remember that when you plant a seed, it needs to be deeply rooted and watered regularly for it to bloom…”

    I think a lot of us forget that or we get tired of watering and then wonder why things don’t “bloom” …

    Going to check out her blogs now…

  6. Keke Rachel says

    “Consistency kills competition”, wow!!! This message sent chills (seriously) through my body when I read it. I will definitely be applying this to everything I took while taking my brand to the next level. I love Mattieologie.com, it’s a really awesome blog and so much more. You guys should most definitely check Mattie out!

  7. YAY!!!!! i LOVE mattie. she was one of my favorite FTF finalists for her grace, charm, effervescent personality and stunning style. she is everything a blogger should be and i am so thankful i got to meet her. it’s so wonderful you did a post about her! it speaks volumes of you for featuring such upstanding bloggers. the people we support says loads about us as well, and i think you’ve proven time and again that you care so much about good personality. =) bravo to both of you!!


    Kristy Eléna – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

    Follow Full Time Fabulous on Bloglovin’

  8. I am so happy you all enjoyed my pick for March! Mattie really inspires me and I am glad she could do the same for you all!

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