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{Letter #1} Dear Future Hubby,

Loving a B.A.D Girl isn’t easy, we demand a lot, but only because we KNOW what we deserve and we don’t ever settle.

Here are a few  things about me I want to share with you:

1. I am not a morning person and after 20 some odd years it looks like shit isn’t changing anytime soon.

2. I make slamming baked ziti!

3. I love random acts of affection. Kiss me on my forehead; tell me I am pretty while I discuss my day with you.

4. Breakfast sandwiches make me VERY happy.

5. I don’t dress up for male attention. So when you see me looking good don’t get mad just be happy to call me yours. 
I think that’s all for now! 😉

Your BAD Girl


  1. Dear Ms. B. BAD,

    I don’t think anyone has me beat on the sandwich making game.

    I’ll watch you take your last bite of heaven and let you know how beautiful you look as you glow cause of my amazing creation making your belly smile.

    I wont get upset when you demand a scrambled egg instead of over easy ‘cuz I’ll know it’s early. (I’ll know NO SALT OR PEPPER either.)

    I’ll sit in anticipation of seeing how you make yourself up for the day, after breakfast in bed, and hope that I get a sneak of you as you slip into your painted on jeans.

    I’ll thank the powers above for bringing you closer to me and hope to be yours forever.

    And, I’ll be waiting for seconds of that baked ziti.

    – J

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