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B.A.D Girls Rock Authentic Jewelry Pieces

Name: Jimani
Living In: Washington, DC
Makes $$: Selling custom jewlery pieces
Loves: Jewelry, Traveling & Being Creative.

Jimani has been making one of a kind jewlery pieces like the ones featured below for over 5 years now. Like a true BAD girl she loves  being able to rock a piece that no one else will have on.

Ametrine with Brass Balls and Brass Pendant

The  necklace above is one of my favorites. It’s gorgeous and definitely a great statement piece.


Red Tiger Eye

Jimani makes all of her pieces by hand and necklaces typically take about a week for production. She specializes in bead work, but is open to new ideas and working with different materials to help create your perfect piece of body candy.

Multi-Color Jasper Necklace with Brown Jasper Beads

Contact Jimani by email for price quotes and info: wmiava3044@gmail.com or visit her site at www.mymiava.blogspot.com

Get you some!



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