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Couple of The Month: Amanda ♥ DC

Her: Amanda Allison
Age: 25  Spreads Love in: CA  Zodiac: Leo/Virgo

Him: DC
Age: 24 Spreads Love in: CA  Zodiac: Leo

In Love Since: Feb. 14th, 2♥♥6

♥ How They Met:

Amanda: We met through MySpace, LOL. He randomly found me online, read my profile, and sent me a message. We e-mailed and talked on the phone for about four months before I got the courage to meet him in person. He spent the entire day making me a present (a home-made card and a heart filled with red skittles, my favorite candy at the time), only to have me spill it all over my car seats later that night. Oops.

♥ How was your first date?

DC: Awesome.  We went to a park in the city, where I surprised Mandy with a picnic. The weather was perfect, too. There was a clear, blue sky and gentle, cool breeze that felt good on the skin. We ate in the middle of a field and laid on a blanket holding hands for a while. Afterwards, we took a stroll through the park hand-in-hand, talking  and enjoying the best first date we’ve both ever had.

♥ What was it that made you fall in love?

Amanda: I never wanted to like, let alone love, DC – as harsh as that sounds. I was going through a difficult time in my life, with no room for self-love or the ability to love another. I tried to fight my feelings. However,  a couple of months into our relationship I realized I was falling in love. I love his great personality, passion to keep me safe, and his fun and adventurous ways.

DC: I found myself having an irresistible urge to smile every time I saw her call my phone. I hadn’t felt that way about anyone in a long time. It actually took me a while to admit it to myself because I didn’t think I was looking for a girlfriend. Then I found myself logging into MySpace every hour hoping she left me a comment or posted another picture so I could stare at it for a little while.

People Who Know the two of you as a couple say?

Amanda: “Why don’t we ever see you two together?” We both have a multitude of friends, but our circles never cross because we are from two different cities. One thing we know for sure: our relatives and best friends would say we’re perfect for each other and have a great relationship.

♥ How do you keep your relationship going strong?

Amanda: We give each other space to have our own identities and to be happy with ourselves and one another. That’s why we aren’t ready for marriage, even after being together for five years. We want to live our own lives before we start a life with each other.

♥ In your own words, Love is…

Amanda: Love is like a roller coaster. It is an adventure, with many twists and turns. Make sure you sit next to a person you trust, admire, and know will pull back your hair in case you get sick from all the motion.

DC: Willing to do anything for the other person, even if you don’t want to. But then, you somehow find yourself enjoying the very thing you didn’t want to do. That’s when you know your love is real.



  1. Karen says

    Love how they KNOW they arent ready for marriage yet b/c they want to live their lives. That is SO important for a relationship to last. Great Choice to feature!!

  2. Stylishly Me says

    Adorable. Online romances do exist huh? Best of luck to them!

  3. LoL @ “Willing to do anything for the other person, even if you don’t want to. But then, you somehow find yourself enjoying the very thing you didn’t want to do.”

    Very true my wise friend — it’s all about compromise. When you find that person who’s right for you, if your connection is strong enough, you’ll enjoy just being in their presence, regardless of the situation.

  4. It’s a very sweet post. “We want to live our own lives before we start a life with each other.” << I think this is the mentality of the new generation and it's healthier than the old "get married young" mentality.

    I think it's funny tho, I met my GF on MySpace too. It was easier to search than Facebook.

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