BAD Girl Style
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B.A.D Girl Style: I’m About My Business.

Who said dressing up for work had to be boring? Your basic button up shirt that may seem wack to you can actually be very versatile.  The one I am wearing is from the Simply Vera Collection by Vera Wang, which is full of really great pieces for work and play.

Four finger rock candy from you guessed it, PNK Elephant.

I like to kick the days ass when I’m wearing my combats boots from Guess.

Throw on a pair of  Negativity Blockers

Since I started my new job about a month ago my positivity has sky rocketed. Yes, I am obviously happier, but I also put an effort into keeping my thoughts positive.  Consciously removing any negative stinkin’ thinkin’ and focusing on the good. I feel AMAZING. Try it, NOW. 😀


  1. Haha! You seriously look like you’re about to kick ass.

    I think you could pass off as a comic book assassin, the one who loves to get her hands dirty but hates getting blood on her vintage jacket. And she never takes off her sunglasses until the job is done. :-p

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