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{B.A.D Girl Style} Denim, Leopard & Gold.

Ahhh, the denim shirt is back! Somewhere out there the people who have been shamelessly  living in the 90’s and wearing full on denim outfits from head to toe are smiling.  This makes me thoroughly regret giving away my denim jacket a few years ago.

I am saving up to get a digital  SLR camera and tripod since I effed up my last camera during a drunk night. So excuse my mirror shots and all that. I really wanted to crank out more outfit posts, so I hope they don’t look too terrible?

I decided to try to start using blush on my cheeks . The one I am wearing is called heavenly pink  by Avon. I feel that it gives me that flushed look like I just got caught doing something bad, because that never happens…

I’ve worn the hell out of these babies. I’m currently on a hunt for a new pair of gold oxford’s to replace these. Tear Tear. Any suggestions?



  1. Daisy says

    I’m glad you found a blush that works for you. Any luck on a new foundation?

  2. Love those oxfords! My white ones from Aldo are MESSED UP haha shouldn’t buy white shoes 😦 And yes, my dad who still wears double denim will not shut up about it being back in style “I’m so ahead of the trends, you should listen to me” lmao

  3. Love ur oxford! Love ur style! Love the leopard headband =)
    I hope u put more outfits here, always!

  4. Denim jackets cycle in and out of fashion so much that they should always be kept stashed in the back of your closet 😛

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen golden oxfords… Poor things – it looks like you’ve walked the life out of them… But they do finish off the outfit really well.

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