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A Photo Diary of Things of I love Part II

I have been on a mission for a hot pink blazer and ZARA came thru for me with this sexy lil thing! Snatched it up as soon as I saw it yesterday. I CAN’T wait to rock it!

Peanut Butter and Jelly (crack) filled Peanut Butter cookies from the TREAT TRUCK in NYC. De-lish!

Doesn’t this ring look like something you would find in your grandma’s jewelry box? I dig it, a lot.

My good friend Emily made a very brave life decision this week. It’s one that I have to admit not many people would have the balls to do, but then again she is a B.A.D girl! I am very proud of you, Emily.



  1. Emily says

    Thank you so much lover!! I’m inspired by your B.A.D girl ways! Xoxo

  2. It might be a “grandma ring” but everyone wants one right now. I think it’s the big statement stones. Also, congrats on finding that blazer! I have yet to find a pink blazer in my size and I’ve been looking for a while….

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