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3 Things I Didn’t Understand About Guys When I Was 16 yrs old

1. Men rely heavily on the out of sight, out of mind theory. They are visual people so they try their hardest to remove any and every thought of you when things go sour, but it doesn’t always mean they don’t care.

2. During an argument a guy needs time in his “man cave” to reflect on what was said before he can respond back. So if he is not saying  anything to you after you just finished chewing his head off, relax, it is normal. Annoying as all hell, yes, but it’s how they operate, or something…

3. He is a  “Mr Fix It” by nature so while you are venting about your day he is trying to find ways to solve your problems. This is how he thinks he is helping and more importantly making you feel better. Most of the time all we want is a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear.  Men don’t know this so we have to put them on.

To be continued & continued & continued…

What is something you have learned about the opposite sex from dating?


  1. That they don’t listen. ever.

    Love this list. thank u because i think i needed this. especially this morning. xo

  2. Love this entry on your blog! On a positive note, men dont always expect their women to go all expensive on gifts etc..Sometimes its the thought that matters most..knowing the small things that they enjoy sometimes mean much more than anything money can buy!

    The thought REALLY does count! 😀

  3. Miss Liz says

    I love this post! I learn the things you mentioned not too long ago…and I am still learning.

    I think one thing that I also come to realize about men is that some don’t show their love and affection in the same ways that women do. Where a woman would express her feelings through words, a man with his “Mr Fix It” nature may show their love through trying to “fix” little problems in our lives.

    Can’t wait for the continuation of this! 🙂

    It also reminds me a little of Steve Harvey’s book: Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man.

  4. haha so true. I’ve learned if he doesn’t make the effort to call (or text) then he’s not into you. Women need to stop making excuses like “oh his phone must have died.” If a guy really likes a girl then he’ll be calling.

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