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JC Launches Shoes. For Boys. Who like shoes!

Jeffrey Campbell’s latest Capsule collection is for the fellas and it features 3 of the brands most loved womens styles (the Glitter Lita’s, Area’s & Switchblade’s) in men’s sizes.  Welcome JC Boys!

I kind of really love this look (above), its friggen dope.

I normally blog about boys on Tuesdays with my TLT posts, so I think its appropriate for me to cover this campaign since its for boys, no?

I know, I know, the dudes I blog about wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of 6 inch glitter boots. These are for the boys who love fashion and I totally support JC for doing this. I was actually at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and I overheard some guys complaining about not being able to find nice womens shoes in their size. JC to the rescue!

I dig it, what about you? 


  1. I wouldn’t date any guy dressed like that haha but I dig that they are giving men more fashionable options.

  2. I don’t dig it. Heels for men?? What’s next? bustiers and corsets?? lol I can almost bet that more daring females will cop this line- the shoes look stylish…I’d rock em!

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