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I am Sprung off of Spring…Finally.

It’s been over a month into Spring and we haven’t seen too many nice days here in NYC.  It’s been a major bummer, but I think Mother Nature is finally off of her crazy meds and getting back on track.

These are my Pura Lopez Espadrilles my lovely bf got me for Valentines Day. Peep some more photos of them HERE. I have been itching to start wearing sandals already, I am sick of boots and need more warm weather NOW. Thanks!

I took a diff route to work  and had to stop and take a photo of these pretty Tulips in Herald Square. They smelled delicious and fresh and put me in a great mood.

Happy Thursday B.A.D Girls!


  1. Yes, it seems Mother Nature has been on her rag for the past month :-/ Down here in Texas, one minute you need a sweater and the next you’re baking in your car. On top of that, have you heard about all the tornadoes?

    Also, I’m with FaceFab — KILLER SHOES! 🙂

  2. Alyssa M. says

    Those heels are to die for! Still can’t get over how long your hair is now. LOVE! ❤

  3. FINALLY! ugh! I have been waiting for the weather to lighten up- dresses, sandals and colorful jewelry, YES! Here’s to happiness…lol btw, crushing on your shoes!

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